Monday, 19 May 2014

Finding the Time

The title of this blog post was one I had planned to use for my F post this year but, as with last year, I have struggled to keep up with my posts. It seems, therefore, like a rather apt title for this 'come back' post.

I really wanted to keep up with my blog this year and I had all sorts of plans and ideas around what that would look like. Unfortunately life happened. I found out my boss was leaving, applied for her job and was offered it all in a very quick few weeks. I started managing a team of 11 people from the beginning of March and it left me feeling pretty exhausted. When I wasn't at work I just had no energy to do anything other than veg out in front of the TV or curl up with a book, and my other interests suffered. This included not only this blog but my spiritual/pagan 'stuff' as well. Other than a couple of meet-ups with my coven, it has been a few months since I spoke to my deities, performed any kind of ritual or spell work, or even read a spiritual book. I have stopped attending my local study group because I found that a) I was too tired, b) the topics chosen no longer interested me and c) I couldn't find the energy to do the required research. Spiritually I feel as though I have been in a bit of a black hole and, now I am beginning to feel more settled at work, I am determined to do something about it.

The thing is, I am not sure at the moment what that something should look like. How do you kick start your spiritual path after a hiatus? Where do you start? Should I begin by reconnecting with my deities? How would that process look? Should it be more or less formal than I am used to? Should I put my altar back together (it was taken apart to be cleaned and then left)? Do I wait till I have a clearer idea of what I hope to achieve?

As you can see, I have lots of thoughts racing about my head and I need to take some serious me time to figure out my plans. If anyone would like to share suggestions I would be very grateful.


  1. Perhaps just stop trying SO hard? I find large parts of the neo-pagan world rather divorce daily life from spiritual life --- this is a false dichotomy, if you ask me. Start with the small things...the things that DO jumpstart your spirit. Recognize those as spiritual moments: a birdsong as you unlock your car to go to work, a wildflower you see as you cross a parking lot, the fresh smell of an herb you chop to add to a meal. Look for the things that give that sudden "pop!" of life -- notice them, consciously think (and possibly write) about those things. Forget the arbitrary lists of things like "athame, book, candle-magic, devils, elements, fairies, ghosts, grimoires, etc.
    It is always easier to write about what IS there almost everytime you turn to look, instead of the "big ticket" pagan things.

    1. Great advice, thank you. I am
      not a fan of the neo-pagan view of separating the daily life from the spiritual one and am hoping to find a way to make my spiritually part of my daily life. You have provided me with some great starting points.

    2. Apologies, that should say 'to make my spirituality part of my daily life'. I really should not post so late at night!